Materials We Accept

Tree Limbs, Branches, Leaves, Wood Chips
Brush, Grass, Sod & Soil, Food, Manure & Bedding
Christmas Trees, Plants, Shrubs, Flowers

Large logs should be cut to a diameter of 
less than 1 ft and lengths of less than 3 ft.

Oversized materials such as tree trunks or stumps 
are accepted at a rate of $42.00 / ton.
Materials We Do NOT Accept

  Thorn Trees, Plastic, Rocks, Gravel,
Dimensional Lumber, Concrete, Steel,
Plastic Mulch Bags, Painted or Treated Wood,
Pallets, Railroad Ties, Deck or Building Lumber,
Landscape Timber, Plywood, Glass,
Plastic Plant Containers, Bricks, Pavers,
Any Non-Compostable Trash

Thank you for keeping 
contaminants out of our compost! 
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Price Farms Organics is the designated compost facility for Delaware County through the DKMM Solid Waste District.  We are an Ohio EPA certified Class II facility, accepting organic materials such as tree limbs, leaves, grass, sod and soil, etc. for recycling.  Unfortunately, we cannot accept any type of Thorn Trees at our facility. Yard trimmings from Delaware, Knox, Marion and Morrow County residents' homes are accepted for recycling at no charge.  Branches and logs need to be less than 4 feet in length and less than 1 foot in diameter.   We accept a maximum of 30 cubic yards annually per residence with a $6.00 tip fee applying per load after the 30 yard allotment is reached.  A tip fee for all loads applies to landscapers, refuse haulers or other businesses and municipalities.  Yard trimmings are accepted in bulk or in paper lawn and garden bags.  Sod and soil should be separated and tipped separately from other yard trimmings.  Paper is recycled as bedding for the pigs & can be dropped off at the tan barn across from the compost site.  Unfortunately we no longer accept cardboard.   
4838 Warrensburg Rd  Delaware, OH  43015     

Our Ohio EPA Class II permit allows us to accept clean commercial food residuals that are void of packaging for food composting.  Please contact our office for rates and additional details.  Thank You!


We accept manure (with or without bedding such as straw or shavings) that is free of contaminants from commercial haulers or businesses at a rate of $13.00 / ton.