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Rusty Bed Mulch
Pro-Tek Mulch
Double Processed Mulch
Midnight Black Mulch
Tri-Black Mulch
Zoo Brew Compost
Barnyard Cafe Compost
Mushroom Compost
Premium Blend Soil
Play-Soft Mulch
Scioto Trail Mulch
#411 & #57 Stone
Turf Blend Soil

RUSTY BED $16.50 / Cubic Yard. Our best selling mulch. All-natural brown, finely ground & still a great price! Sale Pricing for 20 cubic yard minimum orders: $13.00 / yard to commercial accounts or residential settings if the truck does not need to come onto a residential concrete or asphalt driveway.  Additional delivery charges apply.  Call for details. Rusty Bed is also available in 2 cubic foot bags for $3.20 / bag.     
PROTEK  $28.00 / Cubic Yard.  Our contractors' favorite!  Triple-processed & easy to spread.  Naturally dark brown in color with a compost component to provide nutrients for your plants and flowers.  2018 Delivery Special: Order 5 yards or more in one delivery for $24.00 / yard!  Additional delivery charges apply.  Also available in 2 cubic foot bags for $3.55 / bag.  Bags subject to availability during winter months.       

DOUBLE PROCESSED $26.00 / Cubic Yard.  Excellent bark mulch with compost for nutrient and organic enrichment.  Naturally dark brown in color with a coarser texture than Rusty Bed or ProTek. Only available in bulk.    

ZOO BREW  $28.00 / Cubic Yard.  Technically one of our composts, but it works magic as a mulch.  Naturally dark in color with no dyes.  This is what our staff and owners use at our own homes.  Provides nutrients throughout the growing season, reducing the need for added fertilizer.  Breaks down beautifully over the winter, turning into a fine black soil ready for you to plant in the following spring.  Your flowers and vegetables will thank you!  Also available in 1.5 cf bags for $3.40 / bag.  2018 Delivery Special: Order 5 yards in one delivery for $23.00 / cubic yard!  Additional delivery charges apply.  

TRI BLACK $41.50 / Cubic Yard.  Premium triple processed bark mulch.  Dyed black.  Please note dyed mulches are capable of staining concrete driveways.  Also, dyed mulches ideally require at least 24 hours after being spread without any rain in order for the dye to set on the mulch and not be at risk of washing off.  If you have concern, please consider using a naturally black and not dyed alternative such as our Zoo Brew Compost.  Tri Black Mulch is also available in 2 cu ft bags for $4.40 / bag.  

PITCH BLACK  $32.50 / Cubic Yard.  Double processed dyed black mulch at an economical price!  Please note rainfall on dyed black mulches within 24 hours of being laid will pose a risk of the dye potentially washing off.  Consider Zoo Brew if concerned about the dye or rainfall on it.  Pitch Black Mulch is only available in bulk.   
PLAY SOFT  $30.50 / Cubic Yard.  ASTM Certified playground mulch. Used at your favorite parks and school playgrounds.  Available only in bulk.      

SCIOTO TRAIL  $20.00 / Cubic Yard.  Screened freshly cut tree chips for walking paths or pet runs.  Not recommended for planting beds.  Available only in bulk.  


ZOO BREW  $28.00 / Cubic Yard.  Our Staff Favorite!  An all-natural compost including zoo manure & animal bedding, horse manure, recycled food & vegetables, yard trimmings, leaf humus, and coffee grounds.  Unique composition abundant in nutrients and humus.  Excellent for use as a mulch with a natural black color.  Both new landscape installations and older landscapes needing some fresh attention will benefit from this excellent compost.  2018 Delivery Special: Order 5 or more yards for delivery at $23.00 / cubic yard!  Additional delivery charges apply.        

ZOO BREW & BARNYARD CAFE BAGS  $3.40 / 1.5 Cubic Foot Bag.  Zoo Brew and Barnyard Cafe Compost are both now available by the bag!  (Bags for pick-up only, no delivery.)

BARNYARD CAFE  $29.00 / Cubic Yard.  Our original, signature compost. Used and loved by gardeners since 2000! Includes manure from our farm, coffee grounds, yard trimmings & paper.  Great for flowers, vegetables and anything else that grows.  Your favorite roses will be especially fond of this!  Incorporate into your soil or top-dress.    

LEAF PLUS  $27.00 / Cubic Yard.  Composted tree trimmings, leaves, straw & animal bedding.  Very good for soil enrichment.   Adding organic matter such as Leaf Plus (or any of our composts) to your soil improves water infiltration, encourages root growth, and minimizes stress to your plants from weather extremes such as intense heat, drought or heavy storms.  Available only in bulk.      

STADIUM SCARLET  $40.00 / Cubic Yard.  A limited supply compost created from the Zero Waste at Ohio Stadium Program.  Watch these videos for more information on this amazing project!  Available only in bulk. 


PREMIUM BLEND  $31.50 / Cubic Yard.  Our best amended soil for gardens and flowerbeds.  A screened mixture of compost, soil, and sand.  Also available in 1.25 cubic foot bags for $3.40 / bag.  Not sterile.  Single loads or deliveries of 5 or more cubic yards on sale for $24.50 / cubic yard.  Additional delivery charges apply.   
TURF BLEND  $28.00 / Cubic Yard.  Compost amended screened soil for lawns, grass-seeding or fill.  Not sterile.  Single loads or deliveries of 5 or more cubic yards on sale for $22.00 / cubic yard.  Additional delivery charges apply.  Only available in bulk. 

FARMERS CHOICE  $28.00 / Cubic Yard.  Not actually a soil, but an all-purpose compost and limestone fines mixture.  Limestone will sweeten acidic soil.  Can use for incorporation into gardens when a weed seed free soil alternative is desired and the appearance of the limestone fines is not minded.  Could also be used for top-dressing lawns.   


SAND $33.00 / Ton.  

411 STONE $33.00 / Ton.    

57 STONE $33.00 / Ton.     

LIMESTONE FINES $33.00 / Ton.      


RIVER ROCK 2'S & 4'S  $42.00 / Ton.  

RIVER ROCK 57'S  $42.00 / Ton.  

BALES OF STRAW $7.00 / Bale.    

BURLAP BAGS 50 Cents / Bag.  

55 GALLON STEEL DRUMS  $15.00 / Drum.  Subject to availability. 

50 GALLON PLASTIC DRUM  $15.00 / Drum.  Subject to availability. 

5 GALLON BUCKETS $1.00 / Bucket.  

Contact John Price directly for Hay Sales at 740-404-0901.

Please note, pricing and product availability subject to change without notice.   
Delivery is available for most bulk products.  Call to place an order for delivery at 740-369-1000.  Thank You!