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We can arrange delivery for any of our products!  We are located in Delaware County, but we deliver all over the Central Ohio area and beyond including the following counties: Franklin, Licking, Union, Marion, Morrow, Knox and Madison.  We sub-contract our deliveries through a few local trucking companies, depending on the size of the load. There is no mark-up on the delivery costs, we charge only what the trucking companies charge.   

We have a few single-axle trucks operated by BKM Construction, Krueger & Co., and Hamel's Hauling.  The maximum load on the single-axle trucks is 10 cubic yards for mulch or compost.  For Turf Blend Soil or Premium Blend Soil the maximum is 8 cubic yards.  For stone or sand the maximum is 7 tons.  Delivery charges for the single-axle dump trucks start at $75.00 within Zone 1, $115.00 for Zone 2, and $165.00 for Zone 3.  Zone 1 addresses are within a 9 mile radius from our location, Zone 2 within an 18 mile radius, and Zone 3 up to a 28 mile radius.  Further deliveries are available, please call for details.  Hamel's Hauling is who we work with for bag deliveries.  Hamel's can haul up to 150 bags at a time, and the delivery cost will depend on the number of bags ordered and the distance.  Please note that we cannot schedule requests for certain times of day on any of the trucks or deliveries. Deliveries may be sent out as early as 7:00 AM in the morning or as late as 4:00 PM in the afternoon.  If you need the product for use in the morning, it's best that you schedule it to be delivered the day ahead of needed use.     

Multi-axle dump trucks and a slinger through Testa Trucking Inc. are available for large loads in a commercial setting only. If you are a residential customer, it is necessary to use one of the smaller trucks for delivery and not the 6 axle.  The 6 axle dump can hold up to 24 yards of soil, 25 yards compost, or 27 yards of mulch.  The slinger can hold up to 20 yards of soil.  Delivery charges for a 6 axle dump start at $104.50 and the slinger starts at $198.00  These trucks are only available on weekdays, with the slinger requiring an additional 4-5 days notice to reserve.  The 6 axle truck and the slinger are both extremely heavy and are not suitable for residential deliveries.  They are not allowed to drive onto a residential concrete or asphalt driveway.   You will be asked to sign a waiver releasing all liability if you do request these trucks come onto your concrete or asphalt drive.  Price Farms Organics and Testa Trucking are not responsible for any damage if delivery is to be made beyond the street curb.  Even the smaller trucks, fully loaded, are capable of cracking concrete driveways.  If you are concerned about your driveway, we recommend the truck stay on the street and dump onto the foot or apron of your driveway from the road.     

It is possible to split a load with a next-door neighbor.  Keep in mind that it will not be an exact split as the loads come off of the trucks in a rush.  Shared loads need to be with a neighbor close enough that you don't mind wheel-barreling from as one of you will likely have more product in your driveway than the other.  

The trucks cannot drive across yards or fields.  Please do not ask the drivers to drive through a yard or field to dump the load into your garden or backyard.  Feel free to arrange your own trucking / hauling if you want to attempt to have the load dropped somewhere other than your driveway.  The trucks are very heavy and will get stuck more easily than imagined.  All of the trucks need to remain on some type of paved or graveled surface.  Loads also are dropped in one dump, as opposed to being "tailgated."  It is not possible to have 2 separate products delivered on the same load without them getting mixed together.  If there is a certain part of the driveway where you would like the load dumped, please place a tarp there.  Otherwise the load will be dropped in a spot most accessible for the driver of the truck.  Price Farms Organics, Testa Trucking, BKM Construction, Hamel's Hauling, and Krueger & Co are not responsible for any damage to drives or walks.   Please call us at 740-369-1000 with any additional questions, to get a quote, or to schedule delivery.  

Thank you!

Call:  740-369-1000
Email:  pfo@pricefarms.org